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An easy way to collect payments and fees for your business, fundraisers and events.

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How Does it Work?

Set Up a Payments Account
1. Set Up a Payments Account

Complete our quick setup process to create a seller account and enable it to collect money through our partner, WePay.

Create Sign Ups with Priced Items
2. Create Sign Ups with Priced Items

Use our step-by-step wizard to build your sign up and choose which items involve payments. Payment can be optional or required.

Collect Money
3. Collect Money

Buyers can pay for items with a credit card or debit card. The money will be deposited into the seller's bank account.

What Will You Collect Money For?

product sales

Product Sales

fundraising and donations

Fundraising & Donations

ticket sales

Ticket Sales

business services

Business Services

group gifts

Group Gifts

event registration

Event Registration

Fees and the Fine Print

  • Buyers do not need to create a SignUpGenius account to make a purchase.
  • Fees equal 5% of the purchase plus $0.50 per transaction.
  • The seller decides whether fees are paid by the buyer or seller.
  • Sellers can add images to sign up slots for product sales.
  • Sellers can set up buyer discounts based on the date or quantity purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the fee to collect money?

As the group organizer (or "Seller"), you will need to choose whether the buyer or the seller will pay the service fee equal to 5% of the purchase price plus $0.50 per transaction.

If you choose "Buyer," your participants will be charged a service fee that is added to their total at checkout. As the seller, you will pay no fees to collect money on sign ups.

If you choose "Seller," your participants will pay only the price listed on your sign up at checkout. The service fee will be deducted from the amount you, as the seller, collect.

What will I need to accept payments?

When you first set up your SignUpGenius account to collect money, you'll be directed to set up a free WePay account. This will include a few steps including identity verification and withdrawal details.

You will need to enter some profile information about the business, organization or group that you are collecting money for. You'll also be able to decide whether you want the collected funds automatically transferred to a bank account. The entire setup takes only a couple of minutes!

When and how do I get paid?

After your participants complete their purchase, WePay processes the money according to your account preferences. You can choose to automatically transfer the money from WePay to your bank account by setting your preferences for daily, weekly or monthly deposits.

What if I need to refund someone?

No problem! You can log in to your SignUpGenius account and fully or partially refund a buyer by accessing the admin toolbar at the top of your sign up and clicking the "add/edit/delete people" button.

Can buyers cancel if they've paid?

Buyers will not be able to delete items off the sign up or cancel an order after they've paid. However, they can request a cancellation and/or refund from the seller, and the seller can delete, move and/or refund them.

Can I offer discounts for my payment items?

There are two great options available if you want to offer a discount to those who sign up and pay. You have the option to offer a discount for people who sign up and pay early or you can offer discounts based on the quantity of items purchased.

Can I show images for the items I want to sell on my sign ups?

Yes! If you are collecting money for an item on your sign up, you can add one or more images to the slot. The first image will show on your live sign up, and participants will be able to scroll through all of the images. The option to add images will be available when you set up your payment slots on Step 4 of creating your sign up.

Can I collect money on a sign up if I live in Canada?

Yes, you can set up a WePay account to collect money on your sign ups from Canada. Our system will identify that you are in Canada and take you through the correct process to get started. Your participants will be able to pay by credit card, and you will have the option to allow them to pay by debit card.

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