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Valentine's Day Party Planning Tips

classroom party ideasPlan a Valentine's Day party for your child’s class with fun activities, festive foods and fabulous organizing tips. Here are some quick and easy ways to help party planners provide a super sweetheart celebration.

Planning Preparations: Enrapture your group with a no fuss affair all will adore

• The best and worst part of organizing a Valentine’s Day party is that there are so many options for food, decorations and activities. Before you become smitten with too many ideas, develop a simple structure for the party. For example, you might want to break up the party into sections of time for eating, exchanging Valentine’s, and participating in a couple of activities. Or you could limit yourself to choosing a certain number of snacks, games, and crafts and stick to the plan when it’s time to narrow down the choices.

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• Woo a few volunteers into assisting with the planning and give yourself the gift of sanity. You'll need at least a few people to make or buy decorations and food ahead of time, and you'll surely need a couple of adults to help supervise the kids on the day of the party. Organize your volunteers and donations easily with SignUpGenius. If you haven’t used the free online sign up service yet, be forewarned: you’re likely to experience love at first sight.

• Idolize the simplicity of a day that’s all about hearts and anything red, white and pink. Decorations can be as simple as red tablecloths, pink plates and white napkins from a dollar store. Toss some heart confetti in a few key locations and display a bouquet of balloons on the food table, and you’re set.

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Awesome Activities: Sweep party goers off their feet with fun-filled activities

• What’s a Valentine’s Day party without a card swap? Whether your crew uses shoeboxes, manila envelopes, or empty tissue boxes to create “mailboxes”, all they will need from you are a few supplies to make the transformations.  In addition to felt hearts, pipe cleaners, construction paper, streamers, markers, scissors and glue, add a few possibilities that boys in particular will go gaga over. How about super hero stickers or stamps, googly stick-on eyes, or show them how to cut out a set of sharp fangs to place over the opening of their box? That way their mailboxes can look appropriately “scary” instead of “beautiful.” For an added twist, the boxes can be judged and winners named for the funniest, scariest/prettiest, and most creative at the end of the party.

• With so much focus being placed on hearts at Valentine’s Day, there’s no better time to encourage healthy hearts with a bit of exercise. Organize relay races in the gym or outside as part of the class celebration. Teams can race each other with heart-shaped batons, or they can run a relay race by transferring a bowl of sweetheart candies to another bowl on the other side of the gym one cup at a time. To add to the excitement, offer prizes like red pencils or heart-shaped homework passes to the winning teams.


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• Physical exercise isn’t the only way to work out those heart muscles. Capitalize on the meaning of Valentine’s Day and incorporate an activity into the party to “share the love.” Put together care packages for troops serving overseas, lost pets at an animal shelter, homeless children or another group in need of love and compassion.  Make a list of needed items and create a donation sign up list on SignUpGenius to go along with your party planning invitation.

Superb Snacks:  Make your crowd swoon with a sweet menu of treats

• Sugary snacks may be a main attraction for young party goers, but the adults in their lives won’t be as head-over-heels about a menu that’s chock full of sweets. Balance the banquet of goodies with healthier options, such as fresh strawberries, mini bagels with strawberry cream cheese, and heart-shaped apple slices. Add a berry yogurt as a dip to liven up pretzels and keep the menu simple.

• Stick with the hearts and red, white and pink theme to win over the pickiest of eaters. Sandwiches will seem enchanting when you use a large heart-shaped cookie cutter to slice the bread. Swap out too sweet fruit punch for 100% raspberry juice and toss in some heart-shaped ice cubes at the last minute for ooh’s and ahh’s. If you need more options for Valentine colored foods consider jellies, cherry tomatoes, watermelon, red peppers, cranberries, or raspberries. If you’d like to use varying sizes of heart-shaped cookie cutters, consider using them on pizza, cheese, or, of course, cookies.

• Make your job as party planner extraordinaire easier by enlisting the party guests’ assistance in creating an artistic “make your own” treat. Ask parents to sign up online to send in the yummy supplies for kids to decorate heart-shaped sugar cookies or make ice cream sundaes. Besides saving yourself prep time, this also counts as one of the party activities. What’s not to love?

Do you have a Valentine’s Day party idea that will win room moms everywhere the admiration of parents, teachers and students? We’d love to know about it. Post a comment below or on our Facebook page. Then, if you really want to feel the love, use to send out your Valentine's party invitations and donation lists! You can get started here!

By Angel Rutledge and Helena LaGarde