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Top 10 Fundraising Tips

fundraising money graphNo longer feel overwhelmed with fundraising stress. Maximize your money-making efforts with these top 10 fundraising tips! 

1. Utilize Online Fundraising - Connect with more potential donors by offering online fundraising opportunities. 

Online Giving Tips:

  • Reduce overhead costs by coordinating via online sign ups.
  • Simplify communication, making giving easy and quick.
  • Outline different “levels” of giving with a minimum gift.
  • Allow donors to sign up “on-the-go” with their mobile device.
  • Use a trusted vendor to collect payments. Check out SignUpGenius Payments.
  • Customize sign ups to sell tickets, collect auction items or create wish lists.
2. Know Your Donor - Get to know your donors and identify what motivates them to give. This will help you create fundraisers that appeal to their needs. 

Items to Consider:

  • Analyze WHO is donating and how often.
  • Research WHAT fundraising efforts have proven successful in the past.
  • Identify WHERE past efforts have failed.
  • Know WHEN people typically give, such as during an awareness month or particular season.
  • Consider HOW donors are giving and offer various methods on your sign up. EXAMPLE
performance carnival tickets sale volunteer sign up form
3. Appeal To Donors Needs in a Creative Way - This is the fun part! Make giving an enjoyable experience and look for opportunities to get people talking. 

Tips for Trying Something New:

  • Research and brainstorm creative, “buzz-worthy” ideas.
  • Create a “short list” of the ideas that best match your donors needs.
  • Ask for feedback from donors and board members.
  • Use contests, challenges or competitions to create a social experience.
4. Tell a Compelling Story - Create passion for your cause and show your donors exactly how their donation makes a difference. 

Tips for Telling Your Story:

  • Use photos and videos to make your story come to life.
  • Tell TRUE stories WELL. Show real lives changed.
  • Make the message very clear with details or statistics that support your story.
  • Share a compelling story and have a link nearby where people can donate. Sign Up EXAMPLE.
  • Always state the action that you wish for donors to take. Be clear.
5. Intermix Small and Large Fundraisers - Your organization may have a main event such as a carnival, but smaller events can also be profitable and fun. 

Ways to Mix It Up:

  • Promote giving at all events, not just fundraisers!
  • Be cautious of donor fatigue.
  • Consider partnering with companies that will collect a small fee for a special lunch or dress code change (i.e. wearing jeans).
  • Add an “extra” – like a photo booth, auction or bake sale - to enhance a typical event.
  • Sell large event sponsorships, but also make smaller sponsorships available.
  • Build a team of volunteers to take on the extra activities. Assign tasks with a sign up!
6. Communicate Regularly with Donors - Interact with potential contributors before, during and after the fundraiser. 

Communicate effectively:

  • Use social media, email, and regular old snail mail to vary the way you reach people.  Provide a link to your sign up!
  • Make financial goals clear. Send updates and explain how funds are used.
  • State specific needs. By creating a wish list, people can donate items instead of cash.
7. It’s All About Relationships - Contributors are motivated to give to organizations when a relationship has been established. During a fundraising event, 20% of donors will provide 80% of the donations. 

Tips for Building Relationships:

  • Be organized and confident.
  • Convey to participants how they are a part of something “bigger.”
  • Highlight and recognize volunteers in your group that have gone above and beyond.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Send thank you notes!
8. Provide Donors More Than They Expect - Deliver more than they expect to receive when donors give to your organization. 

Ways to Exceed Expectations:

  • Show a contributor their donation’s impact with photos.
  • Mention their involvement using a social media outlet (with permission).
  • Send thank you notes from people whose lives were changed.
9. Track Fundraising Results - Evaluate the results of your fundraiser to decide which activities or events to repeat in the future. 

Items to Consider:

  • Determine the number of volunteers that the entire event required. Tally volunteer hours with SignUpGenius Pro.
  • Identify repeat givers, how often they contributed and their gifts.
  • Create custom reports to measure the effectiveness of your communication.
10. Let Change be your Only Constant - To ensure that your fundraising efforts evolve each year, review the performance of each event. 

Tips to Promote Future Growth:

  • Pinpoint your best and worst-performing events every year.
  • Fail quickly. If something didn’t work, don’t do it again. Move on.
  • Gather feedback from volunteers and donors.
  • Use online resources to identify new trends.
Fundraising groups can boost their money-making potential by incorporating some of our expert tips. Which will you incorporate to ensure success with your next fundraiser?