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100 Fundraising Ideas

girl with piggy bankLooking for a fresh idea to raise money for your favorite non-profit group, school, sports team, or church mission? Try one or more of these 100 ideas to help your organization reach its money-making potential. 

1. Adult Spelling Bee
Teams of 3 or 4 adults compete for a grand prize. Charge an entry fee per team and admission fee to audience members. 

2. All You Can Eat Taco Bar
Try to get all the food and supplies donated, so the bulk of the money raised goes to profit. 

3. American Idol Contest
Charge an entry fee and sell admission tickets. Set up a concession stand to make additional money the night of the contest. 

4. Parents Play!
Athletes on the stands and parents on the field, it’s a role reversal event. Make money through ticket sales and concessions. 

5. Auction of Promises 
Ask members of your group to promise to wash cars, mow lawns or do yard work for the highest bidder.  

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6. Babysitting Day 
Hold a babysitting day in early December, so parents can get some Christmas shopping done. Parents can reserve slots and even pre-pay via SignUpGenius! SAMPLE 

7. Bachelor or Bachelorette Auction 
Auction off dates to the highest bidder.  

8. Badminton Tournament 
Have participants get sponsored for every game they play. 

9. Barbecue Contest 
It’s a crowd favorite, so roll up your sleeves, fire up the grill, and it’s game on. Contestants pay an entry fee, sell sides and drinks, and award prizes. 

10. Barn Dance 
Find a farmer willing to lend his barn for a good cause. 

11. Battle of the Bands 
Sign up local bands made of adults and/or kids. Charge entry fees and admission from audience members. You’ll need judges, refreshments to sell, and a grand prize. 

12. Blind Auction 
Wrap up valuable real items plus some duds in a variety of shapes and sizes of boxes. Bidders can examine the gift-wrapped boxes, and then auction the boxes off.Allow time for winning bidders to unwrap their boxes. 

13. Board Game Tournament 
Entrants pay an admission fee to compete for the chance to win prizes. 

14. Bring and Buy Sale 
Encourage donations from your group by suggesting they box up anything they haven’t used in 2 years. Your organization gets 100% of the profits and your members get a clean house. 

15. Bring Your Dog to Work Day 
Charge an admission to employees to bring their dog on a given day. Make sure the dog owners provide proof of current immunizations. 

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16. Buy an Engraved Brick 
If fundraising for a school or non-profit organization to build a school or building, have people make donations to purchase engraved bricks. 

17. Cardboard Regatta 
Contestants build floating cardboard boats. Charge an entry fee for the chance to win prizes such as race winner, most creative design, and longest time afloat. 

18. Carhop Grill Out 
In a parking lot, invite the community to come and eat at a new restaurant that your group has created. Have participants go the cars and take orders, then deliver meals to the cars.  

19. Cat Nap 
Sell 15-minute nap vouchers at work or school. 

20. Charity Ball 
Hire a DJ or a band. Rent a space if needed. Advertise and sell tickets in advance.  

21. Chili Cook-off 
A tried and true fundraiser – who doesn’t enjoy a warm bowl of chili? Charge an admission to all chefs. Award the top winners for best spicy, best vegetarian, and best chef under the age of 16. 

22. Chocolate Gala 
Reach out to local bakeries and restaurants for donations in exchange for free advertising. Chocolate and sweets lovers will pay an admission fee eagerly. 

23. Coffee Tasting 
Hold a coffee tasting offering a variety of flavors. Throw in a breakfast treat or afternoon snack for a flat fee. 

24. Concert with a Local Band 
Plan a concert, sell tickets and food to raise money for your group. 

25. Cookies, Milk and Movie Night 
Charge a flat admission to include a movie with cookies and milk. Make sure you have the right copyright permission to show the film. 

26. Darts Tournament 
All participants pay an entry fee plus you can sell food and beverages. Recognize the top three winners with prizes. 

27. Dessert Café Play 
Are you organizing students for a play? Add-on a light dessert or coffee reception so you are able to raise the ticket price. Ask local restaurants and bakeries for donations to reduce your cost and increase the profit. 

28. Dog Show 
Invite employees to show their dogs in a best in show contest. Make participants pay to enter, and attendees pay a small admission. Hand out prizes for the best in show, best groomed, most-obedient dog, etc. 

29. Doggie Wash 
Dog owners love to have a clean furry companion. Your group will need a large space with access to warm water. Sell refreshments to dog owners and end their furry companion’s bath with a treat.  

30. Dollar Drive 
Simply encourage people to donate $1.00 for your mission.


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