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Organizing a Meal Sign Up for a Family in Need

Meal sign up calendarWhether a family is celebrating the birth of a baby or recovering from an unexpected surgery, being able to help with meals is a critical way to lend support. When you do offer to coordinate a meal calendar, wouldn’t it be a relief to know that the process is going to be simple for you and the family you are serving? By following these meal sign up tips, the planning and execution is sure to be a cinch.

Find out what will be most helpful.
There’s nothing worse than stocking a fridge full of chow that’s inedible. By checking in with the meal receiving family first, you can ask if they have any allergies or food aversions. You’ll also want to ask how often they want meals brought and what the best time and method for drop off will be. Some folks will be giddy at the thought of visitors, while others will wish for more of the drop-and-run version of meal delivery. The family will breathe a sigh of relief if you communicate their preferences to volunteers, so be sure to ask before organizing the meal sign up.

Simplify with an online sign up.
Who wants to mess with paper sign ups, complicated group emails or a phone tree? Not you, you Sign Up Genius. So, check out our large array of meal sign up templates and user friendly wizards to create your sign up in minutes. With, you can avoid the possibility of double sign ups, and your volunteers can swap slots on their own and receive reminder emails automatically from the site. You can also utilize SignUpGenius payments to collect money for the family to order out their favorite take out.  The best part? With one link, you, your volunteers and the family you are serving can all see the entire sign up at anytime.

Potluck family meal online volunteer sign up form

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Include important info in the general details of the sign up.
Remember all of those great questions you asked the receiving family before you created the meal sign up? Make sure you include that in the general details of the sign up. It’s also a good place to add some tips like using disposable containers and labeling them with the contents to make life even easier for the family.

Ask meal providers to be specific in their sign up.
Everyone loves a hot and tasty meal delivered right to their door at no charge, but really, who wants chili for two weeks straight? There might even be a noxious gas law against it. If not, there should be, right? So, do everyone a favor and ask the meal providers to include the details of what they will bring in the comments field when they sign up.

Accept donations for family to order a delivered meal with SignUpGenius Payments!

Include extra sign up slots for meals besides dinner.
Meal sign ups are usually limited to dinners, but what about breakfast, lunch and snacks? Wouldn’t you be a nicer new mommy if someone brought you some fruit and muffins, healthy snack foods, or a breakfast casserole once or twice a week?

Check in with the receiving family.
After a few meals have been delivered, ask the receiving family how it’s going. If they have any suggestions for adjustments to the sign up, you can make modifications and send out an automatic email to your group via group meal takethemameal sign up help baby sickness

Send a thank you to meal providers afterward.
If you want to win the Most Amazing Friend Ever award, let the receiving family know you’ll send out thank you’s for them. There’s nothing wrong with the old fashioned paper cards, but if you want to save some time and stamps, you can send each meal provider a thank you email. You can even send out a bulk thank you to specific group members from the site.

Now that we’ve made it so easy to coordinate a meal sign up, we know you’re going to have oodles of time on your hands. Not only that, but all of your homebound homies will love you even more. So what do we get? Simply the joy that comes from impacting people’s lives in ways that matter. And, hey, if you want to tell all your friends about, we wouldn’t mind that, either.