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30 Simple Tips to Stay Organized as a Mom

get organizedThere is no better time than now to refocus and get organized. Start small and add from there with these simple tips.

1. Make lists. Every organized mama you know is most likely a list-maker. Jot everything in one place so you can chip away at things in an organized fashion.

2. Prioritize. So, about that list… prioritize the items on it. It helps to keep the most important things at the top so you can tackle those tasks first.

3. Roll over! No, I’m not talking to your dog or about your cell phone minutes. If you don’t get certain tasks completed, be ok with rolling them over to the next day.

4. Plan ahead. Set timelines for tasks and chip away at them little by little to avoid the frantic frenzy of procrastination.

5. Get your group on the same page. Coordinate a potluck, meal plan for a friend in need, volunteer opportunity or church event with SignUpGenius. No more wasted time sorting through reply-all emails!

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6. Keep your calendar in view. Choose a specific time each week to look over your week and then review the day’s tasks and appointments each morning.

7. Evaluate your environment. Are you living or working in a cluttered or dirty environment? Organize! Start in 15-minute increments. In no time your space will start feeling more pleasant and you will be more productive.

8. Purge! Look for items that you haven’t used in the past year and throw away, donate, or sell them.

9. Stop thinking and start doing. Motivate yourself with little rewards if you can knock out a few of the not-so-fun tasks first!

10. Ask for help. Let’s face it - you just can’t do it all. Try swapping favors with friends and they will know you’ll be there for them next time they’re in a pinch.

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11. Take notes. Whether it be via phone, iPad, or good old pencil and paper, write it down to be more efficient.

12. Set reminders. If you are responsible for sending group reminders, it may be wise to plan that event or sign up opportunity via SignUpGenius. You can count on the system to send the reminders FOR you.

13. Know where your keys are. Your keys, purse, checkbook, etc should be laid in the same easy-to-find place before you go to bed at night. This alleviates a grand search in the morning.

14. Clear your kitchen sink/counter area each night. It is one of the first places you go in the morning and having a nice clean space sets the pace for the day.

15. Meal Plan. Planning out your meals for the entire week will help save time and energy with one weekly grocery shopping trip!

16. Pray or Meditate. You will find that some quiet time can give you great perspective on what’s really important and what things can wait (or be eliminated) from the task list entirely.

17. Learn to say “No.” Don’t run your self ragged. Say yes to the things you can reasonably handle and don’t spread yourself too thin.

18. Be ok with imperfection. Seriously. “They” were right when they said, “No one is perfect!”

19. Be adaptable. You simply cannot prepare for everything. You have to choose to be adaptable. Keep calm and carry on.

20. Establish rotating schedules. When is it your turn to help with your child’s scout outing, bring snacks, or drive the carpool? Schedule online with SignUpGenius and you’ll save yourself so much time!

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21. Stick with what works. Don’t become obsessed with the latest and greatest “things” when what you have is working well.

22. Hire a professional. If you have the extra income to do it and don’t have time, it may be wise to leave some tasks to a professional from time to time.

23. Divide and conquer. Make a master list of household tasks that need to be completed daily, weekly, monthly and less frequently. Assign tasks to each family member.

24. Label it! When organizing items in bins, boxes, etc mark with clear easy-to-read labels. Clear out those “miscellaneous” boxes or drawers.

25. Proximity is key. Keep things close to where they are needed, such as having coat hooks by the door and your calendar near the phone. You could even store bed sheets under the mattress!

26. Find an accountability partner. Find someone that has the same organizing goals as you do. You can share stories about what works and what doesn’t.

27. Unplug. Hello distractions! – all at our fingertips in the form of email, feeds, social media, texts and phone use in general. Turn everything off occasionally and focus on a task with a quiet more focused mind.

28. Relax. Creating a little “me-time” in your schedule will help you feel happier and more fulfilled. Grab coffee with a friend, practice yoga, read or get a massage.

29. Find satisfaction in today. As Eleanor Roosevelt wisely said, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift.” Receive and enjoy.

30. Be the best YOU. Don’t try to be anyone else. Chart your own course and find what works for YOU and your family’s needs.

The most important part? Once you start organizing, don’t stop! Keep at it and you will see results. Bask in the little changes that can be life-changing. Best of luck in all your life organizing efforts! You can do it.

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