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100 Fun Activities for Kids, Page 2

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Summer Fun BikingGiving Back
38.  Find a charity to help out.
39.  Sign up to volunteer for Vacation Bible School.
40.  Make cookies and distribute to local fire stations.    Firemen love a sweet treat!
41.  Pre-package non-perishable food items and toiletries to carry in your car and give out when you see someone in need.
42.  Help out an elderly or disabled neighbor with yard work.
43.  Plan a fundraiser (dog wash, car wash). Sign Up Example.
44.  Collect items for a local charity in need.
45.  Plan a neighborhood clean up day. Sign Up Example.

Local Fun
46.  Take in a minor league baseball game.
47.  Go to a movie at the discount theater.
48.  Visit the bowling alley. Maximize Your Fundraising. Click to view Infographic
49.  Join the YMCA.
50.  Go fishing.
51.  Find a local drive in movie theater.
52.  Check out a new museum or go back and visit your favorite.
53.  Go to the farmer’s market.
54.  Play miniature golf.
55.  Go biking and take along a picnic.
56.  Join a swim team.
57.  Find a rollerskating rink or go rollerblading outside.
58.  Arrange an outing with friends to a pool, movie, mall, etc.
59.  Attend vacation bible school.
60.  Visit a nature trail.
61.  Feed the ducks.

Carwash fundraiser volunteer sign up form
Earn Money
62.  Set up a lemonade stand.
63.  Create a flier and distribute to neighbors offering babysitting, pet sitting, yard work, etc.
64.  Have teens plan a backyard camp for younger kids. Sign Up Example.
65.  Hang a list of jobs your kids can do around the house for extra $$.  


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