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Refund a Sign Up Participant

So you want a fancy-schmancy system that makes your life ultra simple, huh? Done. 

If users decide they need to cancel or delete an item they have signed up and paid for, they will need to contact you as the sign up administrator first. Once they do, you can log into your SignUpGenius account and click on the sign up from your account sign ups page. You can fully or partially refund a buyer by accessing the Admin’s Toolbar at the top of your sign up and clicking the Add/Edit/Delete People button. You will see the refund icon next to each user who has signed up and paid.

If you think that's helpful, in our next version, we hope to develop a way for your sign up to pour your coffee and put cream and sugar in it, too. Right now we’re having trouble with the latte option, but we’re not giving up. #TheGrindNeverStops